Want access to actionable information anytime, anywhere?
Pulse is a versatile mobile application that leverages POS data to provide actionable,
real-time information to a user’s smartphone. Operators experience the nirvana of
knowing exactly what is going on in their business regardless of where or when.

Pulse Real-Time Real-Time gives you instant access to your latest sales numbers and
highlights interesting and unusual behavior so you can take immediate action.

The following information is now at your fingertips:

• Sales comparisons and forecasting
• High-volume sales data
• Sales categorized by type, hour and register
• Video monitoring
• Transaction-level detail

Pulse Forecourt Manager Forecourt Manager allows operators to have full visibility of their fuel business.
It helps ensure maximum uptime, throughput and efficiency with real-time information, including:

• Fuel flow rates
• Tank inventory predictions
• Pumps not selling fuel
• Failing or offline pump hardware