Back Office

Aloha Back Office

Restaurant operators need comprehensive back office applications to efficiently analyze results, effectively control inventory and labor costs and automatically alert management to issues that require attention.

Aloha Back Office provides the tools necessary to measure your operations in real time to make smart decisions quickly. Our award-winning solution is comprised of three applications, Aloha Insight, which offers consolidated reporting, alerts and intelligent analytic capabilities across all locations and MenuLink Labor and MenuLink Inventory, which provide excellent control over the two most critical components of your business, labor and inventory management.

Aloha Backoffice


Measure operational performance
accurately to make smart business
decisions quickly.


Manage critical data across all sites and implement new database changes in a single site or multiple sites – any time, anywhere.


Measure, control and reduce food costs by highlighting variances and forecast labor scheduling to maximize employee productivity.


Spend less time on administration and more time serving customers and improving employee satisfaction.

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NCR Inventory

Create competitive advantage by managing inventory effectivelyAloha Kitchen POS

NCR Inventory helps restaurant managers take control of one of their
biggest costs: food. This back-office application provides the analytics
restaurateurs need to assess spending, support contract pricing and
streamline communication with suppliers. Benefits include:

• Improving visibility
Understand what’s happening in key operational areas, including
inventory and recipe management, purchasing, cash management
and reporting. Use insights to enhance your management of
the business.

• Reducing operating costs

Measure, control and reduce food costs by viewing your top 20 food
costs and highlighting key variances. Pinpoint areas of unnecessary
spending and eliminate them.

• Understanding real-time costs
Food costs change constantly. Use solution data to monitor the realtime
cost of goods, based on current pricing or first-in, first-out usage
and quick shelf-to-sheet inventory counts.

 Providing actionable intelligence
NCR Inventory provides real-time data you
can use to make rapid decisions, increasing your responsiveness to
market trends.

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Command Center

NCR Aloha Command Center


Manage multi-site IT operations from a single screenAloha Kitchen POS

NCR Aloha Command Center is a remote monitoring and diagnostic tool that provides you with unprecedented control over IT operations. Use Aloha Command Center to acquire real-time updates on the status of hardware and software at all of your restaurant locations. This powerful hosted application enables you to troubleshoot and solve issues rapidly, before they impact site operations and the customer experience.
Benefits include:

• Instant visibility into system performance

Use Aloha Command Center to monitor all site systems in real-time. Receive automated alerts when issues do occur, enabling you to take immediate action.

• Rapid resolution of technology issues
Aloha Command Center provides powerful support features, allowing remote technology teams to diagnose and solve problems without taking over site servers and terminals. As a result, your restaurant staff can continue providing exceptional, uninterrupted service to your customers.

• Protection of confidential data
Guest and system data are protected with leading security protocols. Maintain your brand reputation by safeguarding confidential data from unauthorized access and exposure.

• System design strengthens security
Aloha Command Center protects your technology operations
with multi-factor user authentication, security alerts and audits,
and encrypted, outbound-only communications. In addition, automatic security updates ensure that your systems are
always protected against the latest threats.

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