Cash Registers

SAM4s ER 5115II
Electronic Cash Register

An affordable ECR that features traditional
plain paper dot matrix printing with validation.
Validation is a legacy cash register that cam
be used to improve security by providing proof
of registration and an audit trail for important
transaction documents. Validation is enforced
on selected operations sch as paid out,
returns, voids, or payments. This register
has 15 programmable keyboard Price
Lookups (PLU) expandable to 40, 12
character alpha descriptors for each PLU,
Level shifts for small, medium and large
for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.
It also uses lower cost plain paper and
provides long-lasting easy-to-read
receipt and sales journal records.

Sam4s ER-5215M
Electronic Cash Register

This register features 5 - 15 Price Look Keys.
(PLU's). It has up to 10,000 fifteen digit
preset or open PLU's. Along with automatic
tax computation for up to 4 rates or tables,
10 media keys, cash, check and up to 8
charge keys, function buttons can be added,
removed or relocated for maximum operator
efficiency. Standard features include, cancel
sale function, key controlled transaction void
and complete receipt on request feature,
check cashing, post tendering, multiplication
and split pricing, thermal receipt and journal
printers, standard pop-up customer display
and much more.......

Sam4s ER-5200/5240M
Commercial Grade Electronic Cash Register

The ER-5200 ECR is designed for food service
with one-touch pricing for up to 117 items. The
ER-5240M features a traditional raised-key
keyboard expandable from 15 to 40 NLU Keys.
NLU's access PLU memory and functions as
traditional departments. Functions can be
added, removed or relocated for maximum
operator efficiency. Additional features:
Up to 10,000 Plus with 18 character Alpha
descriptors and UPC Scanning Capability, Up to
99 Group Totals, Up to 99 Clerks/Cashiers,
Graphic bitmap logo, Condensed Journal,
reverse print for negative journal items,
compulsory cash declination, optional second
cash drawer, optional receipt auto-cutter, hash
PLU Status, 10 one-touch macro keys and
training mode. With Optional Expanded