Service Plans

Protect your Investment!

Protect Your Business

You have made a major investment in your business by purchasing Your Point-Of-Sale System. We at Cardinal truly understand that you rely on your POS System to be fully functional when you need it. We are committed to providing affordable technology, service and support to all of our customers. Keeping your System properly maintained is the key to its longevity. Maintenance contracts are a way to have a fixed cost of ownership and avoid expensive unexpected repairs. To protect your business you must secure your system from internet criminals and internet theft.

Contract Types

Cardinal offers 4 types of contracts to maintain and protect your system
HARDWARE MAINTENANCE - Our annual contracts offer on-site system repair and terminal replacement through NCR's nationwide service network. If your terminal goes down it will be replaced by a completely refurbished unit for up to 5 years resulting in a lower cost of ownership over the life of the equipment.

HELP DESK - Our help Desk is your lifeline for software support. Our certified technicians can help you to identify the problem and walk you through the solution. Through Command Center they have access to your system and can make the necessary fixes to keep any down time to a minimum.

SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTION - The key to keeping your software updated with all the newest features and security is to keep it up to date with new releases. This subscription makes all the newest version releases available to you at no charge.

FIREWALL SUBSCRIPTION - Your internet firewall is a key component in the protection of your system from outside intruders and is mandatory piece for credit card compliancy. This subscription keeps employees from going to websites that can distribute viruses. Provides antivirus protection to incoming email and traffic and blocks criminals from hacking into your system.