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SoftPoint – Pay at the table

SoftPoint has created a series of apps that run on the AIO device in order to process payments and much more. By choosing DataPoint by SoftPoint you not only get a payment processing terminal to do EMV compliant transactions, but also an integrated platform to your POS system. DataPoint allows you to manage all of your operations from your payment device allowing you to close an order without having to return back to your POS terminal.  Our new ordering system allows your payment device to have a dual role so you can also use it to add items easily and even add them before you present the bill without having to go back to your POS terminal. If using the SoftPoint Cloud suite of products you are immediately integrated into DataPoint. If you have a legacy system, we can get you up and running in less than a hour. Your operation does not change at all, and based on our design you can do a gradual integration of EMV without disrupting your operations.

Your Sale, Your Merchants, Your Solution…

Bottom line, our product is available today and will fulfill your merchants PCI and EMV requirements. Our solution offers a proven state of the art payment device that can be used to do so much more!

We reduce and can eliminate transaction fees and extra layers of processing. This reduces errors, auditing, time consuming processes and potential bottlenecks.
Our processing partner is one of the largest in the world and is committed to meeting or beating your current costs. Allow us to manage your present and future processing requirements.

We can have a merchant up and running in less than a day and SoftPoint helps you take AIO into merchants that you typically wouldn’t approach.
Point your self in the right direction with SoftPoint…